Canucks Facebook page allowed Homophobic comments

I am a big fan of hockey as many of my friends will tell you.  Don't get between me and the game on my 40" HD surround sound screen.  I am from BC and now live in Toronto.  I cheer for the Vancouver Canucks because well, my new hometown does not have a hockey team.  Just Kidding Toronto.

I went to a local bar last night to watch the game and play pool.  Its the best.  There are two big screen TVs at either end of the pool table. You can play pool, drink beer and watch the game.  It was exciting for two periods as it was a close game, albeit the Canucks were dominating.  The third saw the Canucks really turn it on and it was awesome to watch.  We won.  Now only two more wins to advance to the Stanley Cup.

Needless to say, I was very happy heading home.  I got home, checked out the high-lites and then checked the Canuck facebook page for pictures. I was a little taken aback by one photo with a clearly homophobic description.  Some fan had uploaded a great image from the game then proceeded to ruin it with hateful language.

I posted a comment stating my objection to the photo's description, several other people did as well.  Still the image remains with the same hateful description this morning.

There is no good reason for the Canucks to allow this kind of comment on their facebook page.  I suggest they have it removed now and ban the person who posted it, or at least screen their future postings.  I love the game of hockey, I love the Canucks. But last night your marketing people drained a lot of excitement out of people.  I am just sick to my stomach.

Help me remain a happy Canucks Fan!

Here's a link to the Photo and caption.


Jymn said...

Hockey - and sports in general - forums are home to the most ignorant of fans. It's like Don Cherry bred all these kids who are proud to be stupid, full of male bravado, homophobia, sexism and at times, racism. Hopefully, the Canucks will address this sloppy monitoring in the future. But I doubt it. Get used to it. This is the new Harper-Ford-Cherry Canada. I fear this type of language and imagery is just the beginning of a new war against 'minorities' and those who are different from the norm.

Anyway, go Canucks. It was a sweet victory.

Rick Barnes said...

Generally I agree. I have seen the light however and it is Brian Burke! The Toronto maple leafs General Manager has led the way and continues to be an inspiration.