NDP convention not so divided

The media are watching a different leadership than the one many delegates are watching. There are obvious tensions between some of the leadership camps, especially those between Brian Topp and Tom Mulcair. We hear the comments being made by former leaders, people like Ed Broadbent. Broadbent has said some pretty hard stuff about Mulcair, obviously stuff the Topp camp want delegates to consider.

The delegates seem to have heard Broadbent's comments and seem to be taking them with a grain of salt. If Broadbent has done anything, it is likely to have caused many people to reconsider their thoughts of voting for Brian Topp. I expect in any leadership to be divisions created. Oddly this exercise has not created what the msm have and are trying to convey and that is 'big' divisions.

Peggy Nash's campaign made it pretty clear to its volunteers to keep it positive. That it wouldn't help her campaign if her supporters were engaging others either here at convention and or online to be running down other leaders but to talk about her positives instead. It's a strategy that seems to be working.

Niki Ashton's supporters have been very good at staying positive as well. She has gained a great deal of respect fpr her efforts. Many delegates would like to give her their first vote as encouragement and to bolster her standing within the pafty and the new leader. Likely the happiset leadership candidate has to be Nathan Cullen. I have seen him walking through the convention hall talking to delegates or his team members with a huge smile and joking as he makes he way through. I know that is what you should be doing if you want people to consider you for leader, it does not come across as put on and I expect its not.

Dewar's and Topp's teams seem the most intense. That appears to be a reflection of their leaders, both very serious and studious. They both have a problem of expexpctations weighing on them as well. Topp has gone from the 'annointed' one to being the one out to stop Mulcair. Dewar's team is facing a failure to live up to high expectations they had for themselves.

Singh has very little visiable presence here. He is virtually running I guess. I have not once been approached by his volunteers. I assume he his working delegates primarily not at convention. He will likely get his votes from those he signed up and have very little if any room to grow his vote numbers.

From here it looks to me like the final ballot will be between Peggy Nash and Tom Mulcair. That's where it will get very interesting. Nash, Topp and Dewar are seen by many to be more alike than they differ. The people supporting them could decide to fall in behind any of the one with the best chance of winning. That person would be Peggy Nash. The other big variable is the possible assumption from voters that Mulcair is going to win so they jump on board.

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