Okay, We have Mulcair

After a long seven months, the NDP have a new leader.  Thomas Mulcair survived four ballots, gaining ground on each successive ballot. In they end he won with 57% to 43% for runner up Brian Topp.  

Mulcair after being elected leader
Now the NDP will see the return to full strength in the House of Commons. A front bench to rival any in opposition in more than a generation.  

With the likes of leadership candidates Niki Ashton, Nathan Cullen, Peggy Nash, and Paul Dewar joining Charlie Angus, Marie-Claude Morin, Yvon Godin, Hoang Mai, Jack Harris, Robert Chisholm, Irene Mathyssen, Megan Leslie, Jasbir Sandhu, Peter Stoffer, Françoise Boivin, Pat Martin, Olivia Chow, Joe Comartin, Peter Julian and Libby Davies the NDP has the pieces to effectively challenge the Harper Government.

Think about that team for a minute. In almost every instance, its would not be hard to imagine them replacing the current Conservative government Ministers. Now add to that team a leader who is well informed, who commands attention, who is a formidable debater and lets face it, who is the one guy the Harper Government was hoping would not win the NDP leadership. 

Thomas Mulcair
Thomas Mulcair has been an effective leader in Quebec for years, he has been one of the oppositions best critics since his election to the House in 2007.  

I have mentioned only a few reasons why you can expect a very dynamic and challenging official opposition in the days ahead.   It's unfortunate that Harper will not be in the House of Commons Monday, Mulcair's first day in the house as Official Opposition Leader.

The NDP are now at full strength. The opposition Jack Layton imagined is now in place.

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