today so far

the first day has been good. this has to be the first time a convention in Canada has been run with new media. the different campaigns have put together good programs. the leadership candidates all managed very thoughtful and inspiring messages. Part of a convention like this is to create a sense of momentum for your candidate. Cullen, Mulcair, Dewar and Nash did this and to some extent so did Topp. They had volunteers and signs everywhere. Handing out material, buttons and friendly handshakes.

I have heard very little of the hardnosed campaigning. The one I did over hear was a Cullen delegate suggesting that Mulcair will move the NDP to the center. What is amazing is that was the only conversation like that, that I heard. I'm sure there are more conversations like that, yet no where near what one might think would be happening.

The leader presentations were inventive and inspiring. Two however did stand out from the others. Mulcair's presentation sent goose bumps up my arms. There was a sense that something very important was happening. Nash did a great job in hers. Focusing on her ability to get things done, and her record in Toronto and with the CAW certainly underline her strengths.

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