Stephen Harper Government is built on a lie

Can you trust the Conservatives?  As we learn more about Robocalls, election fraud, the guilty plea in the IN and Out Scandal, and now the Fantino by-election fiasco and 2700 strange voters in a GTA riding, it seems its not possible, How can you trust a party that was built on deception to begin with.  Peter MacKay won the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada after David Orchard through his support behind Peter MacKay.

The move to support MacKay came at a crucial point during  the Conservative party's convention.  It was very dramatic.  Prior to the action on the floor Jim Prentice had the support of Scott Brison who was dropped from the ballot. Strange bedfellows you might think, Scott Brison later defected to the Liberals, choose to support the more conservative choice of Jim Prentice over MacKay, who would one day become one of Harper`s inner circle.  Prentice is now the VP of CIBC.

When Senator Noel Kinsella from New Brunswick, a supporter of MacKay arrived unannounced, he found the Orchard folks talking to Prentice`s team. Kinsella managed to deliver an offer and Orchard countered with his demands.  Kinsella took those back and they were agreed to by MacKay and Fred Doucet, who had worked for Brian Mulroney when he was Prime Minister. Doucet was implicated in the AirBus affair and the exchange of monies to Prime Minister Mulroney.

MacKay, Orchard along with Senator Noel Kinsella, Fred Doucet, Marjaleena Repo, and Grant Orchard met secretly in a room at the Crown Plaza Hotel.  Orchard scribbled out the terms of the agreement.  The principle term was that MacKay would not merge the Progressive Conservative Party with the Canadian Alliance.

The terms could not have been more clear. If MacKay wanted to be leader, he needed Orchard. Senator Kinsella and Doucet said take it.  I can only imagine the back room discussions beyond what we already know.  Promise anything, they likely said. Once you're leader you can do what you like.

Orchard's demands agreed to by Peter MacKay
MacKay did exactly what he promised he wouldn`t.  MacKay became the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada because he knowingly misled Orchard, or more directly, MacKay lied.

Senator Noel Kinsella, Appointed to Speaker's position by Stephen Harper
As for Senator Noel Kinsella, he was rewarded with the Speakers job in the Senate, by Prime Minister Harper, on February 8, 2006. His reward for delivering Mr. Orchard to MacKay and the subsequent MacKay move to Mr. Harper. 

The whole Stephen Harper Government is built on a lie, deception and a blatant disregard for ones word and democracy.

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