Gay Widowers Who Have Lost A Partner

Seeking Gay Male Research Participants

Specifically Widowers Who Have Lost A Partner To Non-AIDS-Related Causes

The experiences of gay widowers who have lost a partner to non-AIDS-related causes have not often been explored. Counsellors, widowers, and the gay and straight community could learn a great deal from the experiences of gay widowers. If you are a gay widower who has lost a partner to non-AIDS-related causes, I invite you to participate in a study exploring your experiences.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please call Nina at (403) 220-5656 or email gaywidowers@hotmail.com.

Nina Hornjatkevyc BA, BEd, MSc Candidate

This study is being conducted in partial fulfillment of a Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Calgary. The University of Calgary Conjoit Faculties Research Ethics Board has approved this research study.


Anonymous said...

june 9th 2009. iI lost my partnter kenny on june 8th2009(on my 5th month of sobrity).His death at this time is still unknown to me,as I am in florida and he is in new jersey. he was dealing w/ diabeities,urineary infection,and liver problms. and was h.I.v. poz. we were partners 4 2 yrs,though we lived apart.but loved eachother all the while. God is in my life,His Will "not mine" is my mantra. I think of his family,and how they r going through so much grief.I was told 2 think of others 1st 2 keep myself "out of myself', which in turn helps me 2 give back love that i was blessed w/ by many people and by Kenny and a all powerful Loving higher power. keep up the great work and your study on gays and losses of partners. Danny C. Leesburg,florida P.S. Do not use this email address 2 repley,it's my mothers. I'm 'out" but she does not deal well w/ gay issues. If u wish 2 write please do at Dan cremeans 25607 Belle Helene(there's no st ave or rd name) floria,34748. God bless you Nina

Dan said...

I am a recent gay widower. My partner/husband passed away on Sept. 13, 2009. I found that there was not too much available online in the form of support. I looked to many of the larger gay websites and publications, but it seems nobody is dealing death and loss.

I decided that I would find a way to contribute to others while I move along with grief myself. I started a blog to chronicle my grieving process. Not everything is going to be gay specific, but having others with similar life experiences is what bereavement is all about.

I can be found at:



Anonymous said...

My life partner left me last year and I have been in a "just wake up and go on" everyday since then. July 9th will mark the date here. Folks say time heals........it DOES NOT! Everyone in MY family were SO supportive in the end of Billbo's life...( he took his life) and His family went Nutts wanting "HIS things".....How sad! I had provided for his family for years!!!!!! I forgive that.........all I can do......
But no person other than a "straight" counsler here to talk to that just said......Ok....Ok...Yeah...Ok. ( just getting her job done). SAD here til this day almost one year later......I think would be better to Join the one person I loved.

Rick Barnes said...

I am sorry for your loss. As someone who has recently lost a dear friend to suicide and my partner to AIDS 9 years ago, I can tell you the pain does not leave, it becomes different in time.

We do need more resources for queer folks. We need counselors that understand. I don't know where you live, but if you post that info here, perhaps I can get people that read this blog to help find that help for you.

That said, there remains a big gap in mental health supports for everyone in this country. Queer folks are just that much worse off.

I hope you find some peace, I have but did it largely on my own.