Same thought Marriage - There ought to be a law

Blogger Simon Pole says Klein could have done it differently ...

"It's a sad day for the majority of Albertans who believe in the traditional definition of marriage.. We have to obey the law of the land, and it's unfortunate that such a law would be passed." ~ Alberta Premier Ralph Klein

It is perhaps no coincidence that Klein's comments echo those made back in June by Texas Governor Rick Perry. Perry had just signed an anti-gay marriage bill into law for his state. When asked how returning gay Gulf War veterans would feel about the new law, Perry said:

"I'm going to say Texas has made a decision on marriage and if there's a state with more lenient views than Texas, then maybe that's where they should live."

Simon reminds us of the words Laurier used to describe us, "Canadianism is moderation and conciliation." And that is especially true when dealing with those who try your patience, and perhaps your patriotism.

It is easy to ride the wave of populism, to be a cheerleader and Ralph Klein rides it better than any politician. He has joined many of those in America who have entered into "Same thought marriage"

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Neo said...

Have you noticed how much the new Conservtive part of Canada is seeming more and more like the new Republican part of the US???????