One beats ten ~ Harry Potter

One good reason to read Harry Potter can be found in ten reasons from Christian Activists opposed to Harry Potter.

I will read this book at the end of the week after my company leave. I have been having trouble not picking it up to start reading it. It would however be rude to leave my guests alone that long!

Want to get back at the Christian Activist out there? Read Harry and talk to the world about it.

The books have single handedly moved a world of children to read, to use their imagination. What's next book burnings?

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outwest said...

I’ve always found it kind of amusing when the Catholic Church feels free to accuse others of things like “blood sacrifice” when they, themselves, are guilty of vampirism and cannibalism: “This is my blood; take it and drink. This is my body; take it and eat.”

And no, this is not “symbolic.” Transubstantiation means that the wine literally turns into the blood of Christ, and the wafer literally turns into the flesh of Christ.

So say my local priests and nuns -- they all believe it, and they see no illogic in it.