Republican Chicken Hawks

The Devil went down to Texas (Yanked from All Hat, No Cattle)

(Sung to the Tune of The Devil Went Down to Georgia)

The Devil went down to Texas
A favorite place for him
It has a douche like Charlie D.,
and the big old death pena'ty...

Its governor is squatting
In Wash. DC they say,
While his has-been friend old Charlie D.
Has plenty of stuff to say

Well you see old Charlie never served
In the service that he loves
But he wants your kid to get Saddam
And doesn't like no doves

When the killin' starts, old Charlie D.
Will be sittin' by the tube
Stuffin' his face and cheerin' on
Those dying for this rube

He'll write another letter

Callin' Sean Penn a traitor
But him and Shrub will never 'splain
why Saddam couldn't wait til later...

Fire on the mountain run boy run
Charlie don't care if they kill your son
Stuffin' his fat face, wavin' the flag
Another chickenhawk in a big ole chair...

So send the kids off to war, that makes Bush and song spinning friend Charlie War Pimps right?! Chicken Hawks is another word for them as well. Someone save America's youth from the perverts runing the country.

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