Anti-gay Republican not so Holy

Update: December 31, 2005

The Senator is still not divorced, and the editor of the Bradley County paper he wants advertisors to abandon has found more on the Senator.

Read here: Miller Comes to Town with Girlfriend, Doesn't Get Divorced
As the Tennesse legislature was bringing legislation that would ban gay marriage the Bill's sponsor, State Senator R-Jeff Miller was days away from having his wife file for divorce. Miller has made a career in politics based on "family values".

During the course of debate on Miller's bill he fought an amendment that said, "Adultery is deemed to be a threat to the institution of marriage and contrary to public policy in Tennessee." Not something you would expect a champion of "Family Values" to do unless perhaps you were guilty of this offense yourself.

The "Marriage Protection Act" passed Februray 23, 2005 and Miller's wife of 15 years was in court February 25 filing for a divorce.

Brigitte Miller told a Capitol Hill reporter her husband is having an affair with a legislative researcher and that he and the young lady accompanied the Millers’ three daughters to a November Martina McBride concert in Nashville."They’ve been seeing each other for a while," Mrs. Miller said. "Now he admits things. But he said it’s only been since he moved out. But I know better. I’ve got things that tell me differently."

Sen. Miller's home town paper has recently reported that Miller was in fact dating a woman while waiting for his divorce to come through. Miller angered by this has written to constituents saying, "Myself and many others are going to be watching in the next several weeks to identify and remember those in this community that wish to subsidize the destructive nature of this type of publication in our community."

Miller does not dispute the fact he is dating another woman while waiting for his divorce, he just thinks it a private matter and should be respected as such by the press. The paper's editor, Barry Graham, responded in an editorial December 21, "Your platform is that of a guy who believes in the sanctity of marriage, and that marriage should be between one man and one woman. And your behavior doesn't support your platform. So, we report it."

I am one that respects the private lives of politicians unless they are doing something that they preach against, as it seems Sen Miller is doing here. This kind of hypocracy is what devalues our political system. Miller is quite willing to make political hay out of preventing those in a loving gay relationships from being married, and in the course of doing so he opposes an amendment that says Adultry is a threat to the sanctity of marriage.

Lets hope as the election nears Sen Miller is held to account for the apparent conflict between what he says and what he does.

compiled from various sources including Yahoo news


Anonymous said...

So holy they are. I won't be voting for him.

Greg said...

Not so holy? How about not so bright?

This is exactly the type of individual that shouldn't be in the political arena. Let me get this straight (pun intended)... He thinks it's perfectly acceptable to prevent loving individuals the right to marry as he does the nasty behind his wife's back. Then he feels it's perfectly acceptable to threaten individuals and advertisers because the local press discloses his slimey little secret.

I think the press should follow this hypocrite 24/7 so he understands the "destructive nature" of his immoral actions!

Rick Barnes said...

I hope they do follow him. I suspect there are a few more things to see.

Stupid he may be, lets hope voters see that!