Brokeback Mountain - Finally

Brokeback Mountain

This movie could be set in Cowboy country in Cochrane Alberta, the rugged Cariboo country near Williams Lake BC, or in Meadow Lake Saskatchewan.

"Ang Lee's unmissable and unforgettable Brokeback Mountain hits you like a shot in the heart. It's a landmark film and a triumph for Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal." -- Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

"Heath Ledger, in particular, I think really has to get an Oscar nomination." -- Richard Roeper, EBERT & ROEPER

This film has the Christian set in a tither. I haven't seen it yet so can only go on what I have heard. The premise of the story is of two guys that end up having sex together, see that they like it then go off and get married. They meet up again and go on "hunting Trips". The trips being an excuse to get away together, discovering justwho they are.

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It an all too sad story that repeats everyday in our culture. Men end up getting married because you have too, its expected, they have a family and then they find they cannot continue to live the lie. By this time more people are hurt. Their spouse who had no idea this was the case or knew but hoped to avoid the event.

Its looked upon as cheating, deceitful when a married man does this. Then they are accused of lying, of doing all this harm. Funny how these same people would have castigated the guy if he said as a teenager he was attracted to guys or got nervous about the wedding, wondering if it was the right thing to do. Likely they would have told him it was a phase, don't worry, the love of an honest woman will get you through this. Some guys believe it.

It is different from the usual case of growing apart, or meeting someone and deciding you can't live with your spouse as is the case in many straight divorces. Often the man in these gay relvaltion situations did not want to get married, had to get married to cover his feelings or attractions to men, compelled to meet socities norms, the family's expectations. There was always something wrong and creepy about men in their 30's or older that were not married. Not to be trusted. Whispers...

Brokeback Mountain has achieved all the major nominations for the Golden Globes. Not I trust because of the subject being addressed, but because it is a wonderful story told on film. See the critic responses above.

Doug Patton who is a conservative columnist in the United States has another view. Its Hollywood doing its social engeneering again. He calls its a big budget movie that has a high EWW factor for men.

As usual Patton known for his "that's just not right" attitude makes some errors. The film is not a big budget Hollywood movie. He goes on in the old vain, accusing the men of being deceitful, adulterers. His blinders, his faith are keeping him from seeing the story from seeing the event, from seeing the harm he is doing. The men in the story are accused of doing harm he casts them as villians while the wife is the helpless victim to the self indulgent homosexual.

While the spouse, a wife in this case is a victim as anyone is in a marriage break up, a divorce is a divorce whether your man leaves because he found someone else or doesn't love you anymore. Thats the hard fact. It can be no worse because you learn your husband is gay than he is love with some other woman. Its still the end.

I hope lots of men, gay and straight see it. I hope it is the love story people are talking about.

Finally the story of so many men is being told, and so many will see it, relate to it, not just because its their story, but because its about love.

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HDcanuck said...

And the best thing of all about Brokeback Mountain? Heath and Jake are just so damn delicious! :)~

Rick Barnes said...

For sure. I am going to see it while in Montana! Now I could have found better publicity shots for this movie! These ones are okay but there many possibilities!

Lucy said...

Hi Rick, I really liked the movie, but I have to disagree with your comment that it can be no worse losing your husband to another man vs another woman. Yes, both losses are bad, but the loss of a husband to another man can really mess with a woman's sense of self - If he prefers men, why would he be attracted me me? Am I manly? etc. Every woman is different and will react differently. It's a complicated issue and I think you have to give it a little more thought than you have. How would you feel if your lover/husband left you for a woman versus another man? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

You guys are disgusting

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Another reason it's different (having your husband divorce you for a man vs. a woman) is that when you find out your husband prefers men there is no hope...if it's another woman there's a chance he'll get tired of her and come back, and that happens a lot, even sometimes after many years. Also it feels really awful to know that all those years he was probably faking the intimacy...very hard to take...I'm not looking for sympathy here, or even compare amount of loss, just to say there's more to it, as Lucy said...I do believe in and would fight for people to have the right to follow their natural inclinations.