Brokeback Mountain keeps giving

Read what is being said about Brokeback Mountain. I have selected a few reviews indicating just how powerful this movie has become. Its time and couldn't have come at a better time in American history. I will have more to say about the latest attacks on this movie from the christian right in an article soon. In the mean time, check out these sources. You have to like the review from the Duke himself!

John Wayne Reviews 'Brokeback Mountain' The movie critics have spoken. They've announced their Ten Best lists and started handing out awards. Who better to offer the final word on one of the most honored, and reviled, films of 2005 than a man who spent half his life riding horses and eating beans -- The Duke himself.

Okay the review was not done by the Duke, but it could have been! The review can be found here at Huffington Post by George Thomas Clark.

Stephen Hunter of the Washington Post writes on western movies long established homo subtext, "In fact, what's remarkable about "Brokeback Mountain" is merely that for possibly the first time, homoeroticism is the text, not the subtext. But it's not like homosexuality has been unknown in the western..."

"This is a film that builds through word of mouth and critical acclaim," said Paul Dergarabedian, president of box office tracker Exhibitor Relations Co. Inc. "People want to see what all the fuss is about." Response has been so robust that distributors are expanding the film's rollout ahead of schedule. It will show on 269 screens this Friday, and reach an additional 80 markets the following week, said Jack Foley, president of theatrical distribution for Focus Features. See Sandy Cohen of Associated Press report here.

Acclaimed western BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN has topped Florida's annual movie critics poll, after walking away with four awards including Best Film. The controversial movie also won Best Director (ANG LEE), Best Screenplay (LARRY McMURTRY and DIANA OSSANA), and Best Cinematography (RODRIGO PRIETO) in the Florida Film Critics Circle vote.

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eugene plawiuk said...

Whats interesting is that gay cowboy culture was first mentioned in the CD and Book Who Built America? a working class history of the U.S. and caused such a fuss that Dick Cheney's wife under the George Bush the first, attacked it. Now I am not saying this was the only mention, the Journal Radical History also has several good articles on Gay Cowboy culture, sorry I can't remember the issue, but it too came out after Who Built America. The fury over the gay cowboy section of this CD book caused Microsoft to pull it at the time.

Rick Barnes said...

Thanks buddy,

I recall it now, will see if I can find the reference.


Pax said...

Thanks for the compilation, Rick. Keep up the good work!


Greg said...

Going to see it tomorrow at Cleveland's opening! Yes!

Anonymous said...

Gay Utahns see selves in 'Brokeback Mountain'