Oil and Water - HIV Positive and Negative

World AIDS Day.

What is like being a gay couple, one HIV positive, the other negative. Here is what it was like from the horse's mouth so to speak. The perceptions out there in the bigger world are bad enough, in the gay world they can be as bad.

So as we observe World AIDS Day, in the middle of an election in Canada, lets see what its like in one small sector of Canada, those relationships within the gay community, where HIV is ever present...

Oil and Water - HIV Positive and Negative

This guy Steven I came to know has HIV. He tried meeting other guys, to be straight with them and his HIV. He said he always was, always told the guy he was positive. One day Steven decided to date only men who were positive. He didn't want to face rejection, he couldn’t take another “oh, sorry, see you later,” response. And He also didn't want to fall for someone and risk infecting the guy he loved. This guy I just met had been living with HIV for eight years. Eight years of being rejected.

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