NO - Leaves of Grass - unturned

It was 150 years ago that Walt Whitman, likely the greatest American poet published "Leaves of Grass" a collection of 12 poems that shook the then infant country of the United States.

To say he upset the apple cart would be an understatement. His poetry was written against the norm. While many people read his poetry thinking it too boldly spoke of heterosexual love it is today and toward to then end of the 19th century became clear to most he was talking of homosexual love much in the context we look at it today.

You can check out NPR's Celebrating Walt Whitman and 'Leaves of Grass'. You can also find a good deal of his published works here.

Today many of the religious right are trying to ban his poems from school and public libraries. They have been successful in some areas. We have these people entering Canada now, to provide us with their wisdom. Recently Ralph Reed, one of the masterminds behind the political activism on the American religious right was the guest speaker at a conference in Toronto. The conference brought together Evangelical and conservative folks to learn how to get involved in politics.

Lorne Gunter a Conservative columnist of the National Post (is there any other kind at the NP)said Canada really needs a Ralph Reed...
(September 26, 2005), "...if Canadian Christians want clout ... they would do well to emulate some of the Americans' lessons."Gunters adds, "Our religious conservatives are today where the U.S. movement was two decades ago, and if they have finally accepted that if they are to save any of the values they cherish, they must become fully engaged in politics."

The conference was held in Toronto just in time to get all these folks out on the campaign trail largely supportive of Stephen Harper and is group of unINtelligence re-Designers. The religious right has found a comfortable home in Harper's party. They voted to hold a another vote on gay marriage if the Conservatives win and they came within a whisker of passing an anti chresolutiontuion that would have compelled the Conservatives if elected to pass laws against abortion.

The Canadian Religious right is out in full force this election, they do have an agenda that is not so hidden within the Conservative Party of Canada. Stephen Harper may well keep the duct tape on these people long enough to get through the election. My guess is won't last too long...

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HDcanuck said...

Are active efforts being made to bait them? We could call it "bait and ditch".