2008 Sex Now Survey

BC Queer Guys do the Sex Now Survey NOW...

The work at Sex Now is almost done! They're trying to get as many guys as possible in BC to participate in the 2008 Sex Now Survey before the end of this year. Sex Now is about 250 guys shy of the goal of 1500 men!

If you haven't had a chance to do it yet, they promise it won't take too much of your time. Three to five minutes, actually. Not bad for a survey. :-) You'll find it at www.SexNowSurvey.com.

Please forward this info to your friends in BC since it would really help get more guys to do the survey. The more surveys, the better information is from guys in the community to build better community services. In addition, the more information they get this year, the more we'll ALL know about what kind of porn we all like and what kind of sexual styles we all have.

And that just means better sex for everyone.

The Sex Now survey is a project of the Community Based Research Centre. CBRC.net is the online home of the Community-Based Research Centre. The CBRC is a non-profit community organization that conducts community-based research. It upholds and advocates for the principles of community-based research. The CBRC specializes in applied research in the areas of HIV/AIDS and gay men’s health. CBRC.net is community-based research in action. Visit each of our sub-sites. Learn about community-based research and explore different approaches to CBR as exemplified by the CBRC’s projects.

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