Only in Canada eh? Pity

Only in Canada eh? Pity

At the recent Join The Impact rally here in Toronto Ontario, I came across a gay couple that immigrated to Canada in order to stay together. The couple have been granted landed status and are making their home in Toronto.

The couple were together several years in the USA but were not able to continue there. Faced with a choice of separating or both of them moving to Zimbabwe they chose to try Canada. They made it!

Same-sex marriage is legal in Canada and Canada's immigration polices are little kinder to queer applicants than those of the USA. The American could not sponsor his Zimbabwian boyfriend, in large part due to the lack of recognition of gay relationships by the US Federal Government.

In the US, marriage remains a state jurisdiction as far as granting marriage rights. The federal government however holds jurisdiction over who receives federal tax rights and benefits and who can immigrate to the USA and who you can sponsor. Gay couples are not entitled to spousal benefits, marriage rights, immigration sponsorship and a host of other federal, state and municipal laws and regulations that bestow rights and benefits to straight couples.

Want to continue supporting our friends south of the border?

Only in Canada eh? Pity.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ricky, hope you post some more. I was at the rally. Keep up the good work.