Libby Davies accepts Senate seat!

Libby Davies accepts Senate seat!

No, Libby did not accept a senate seat but when you think of all the rhetoric spewed by Harper in the last 15 years or so, you know he hates that place and vowed to see them replaced with elected Senators, Harper's about face is the equivalent of Jack Layton or Libby Davies deciding to accept a senate seat.

Harper has made a career out of attacking what he sees as privilege. He attacked MP's Pensions, then campaigned saying he would never take one, now he has one. He campaigned for electing senators and now he is appointing them.

Life must be hard for Mr. Harper. He is having to backtrack on his promises, some that endeared voters to his cause, if not to him personally. His Open and Accountable government seems to be a lot less open than it was before. His promise not to go into a deficit, as late as this last election, is gone now, as everyone except Harper's cabinet acknowledges a deficit coming for four or five years.

What is making Harper do all these nasty things? Well, he likes power and all the perks! Look at all these Lottery winners being beholden

18 Tories are about to win a lottery, a lottery you and I can't even buy a ticket in. How big is the Lottery, think a super cash for life scratch and win ticket. If you collect that you get $48,000 a year for 20 years. A Senator gets $75,000 each year until age 75. It hurts my head to think what these lucky winners will get...

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