IKEA or Direct Democracy

IKEA or Direct Democracy

Sometimes people just want others to do it.

I just talked to a very, very dear friend, reminding him of the rally at city hall today at noon, here in Toronto. I asked if he was planning to attend. Now before I go on, my friend is supportive of the coalition and would like it to replace Stephen Harper.

So my friend, who holds progressive views, may not be able to attend the rally today because he needs to go to IKEA. He is a busy guy, has a demanding career. He is very dedicated to ensuring his clients get the best product from him, so he has to get his IKEA FIX in today.

Now the troubling thing for me is this. I could accept he can't go out today because he was ill, had a doctors appointment at noon, had to pick a friend up at the airport, or Mom was in town and he had prearranged brunch with some of his best behaved buddies, to put on a good show.

But IKEA! Noppers, that's pretty lame.

Now my friend may still come, especially if he reads this post in time, if only to tell me he is pissed at me.


With all the vote rigging in the USA in Florida, Bush won by 500 some votes because at the very least 5000 gay boys went shopping, went to IKEA (do they have IKEA in Florida) instead of voting.

Today's rally is vital. We need to have a good number to maintain momentum, momentum that will sustain the IKEA crowd's ability to continue shopping!


Ryan said...

Is your friend really that progressive, then?

I'm sorry, but simply "believing" things and not acting on them (while performing an act that is the OPPOSITE of what progressive politics should be about) is the ultimate hypocrisy. It's not just your friend--it's a huge segment of progressives who could be called progressives by name only.

ricky barnes said...

I know lots of people that would like to see the coalition happen, that don't like Harper. I am perplexed at that their lack of action when it is provided for them.

It seems we need to light a fire somehow.

Maybe its because folks like us are willing to stand out that others rely on us.

That said im hoping that they do show up, one more call as i go out the door

Ryan said...

I'm under the impression that some sort of economic catastrophe is the only thing that could light a fire for people. We're very comfortable, very worried about our jobs, keeping our commitments. The Harper government doesn't directly effect us... yet.