Conservatives set to attack the GG

Conservatives set to attack the GG

It didn't take long but the Harperites have their folks ready to attack the Governor General should she refuse to call an election or let Harper shut the house down. David Frum, the decider of evil, has decided that Madame Jean is a partisan appointment.

"If there's any one person in Canada entitled to be outraged by the choice of Michaelle Jean as the new governor-general--and there are many--it is surely Adrienne Clarkson.

Like Clarkson or dislike her, there's no disputing that she was a large figure in Canadian life for more than three decades when Jean Chretien named her. That she was also the first non-white and first immigrant governor-general was a wonderful extra.

But the selection of Michaelle Jean casts a brutal retrospective light on Clarkson's elevation. Whoever picked the new G-G gave one order: "Find me a non-white francophone woman!"--and so you have to wonder whether they did not similarly regard the accomplished Clarkson as nothing more than a non-white anglophone woman. The only pleasure we can take in the Michaelle Jean selection is to watch Canada's exquisitely correct reporters tripping over themselves to avoid reporting the most super-abundantly obvious truth." - Once a Prestigious Post, Now a Refuge for Partisans - David Frum

Its news to me that the Governor General (GG) was above partisan politics when they were appointed to the job. Its seems to me that every GG to date has been appointed by a Prime Minister and he (Kim Campbell never got to appoint a GG) has usually picked someone that was at the very least familiar to him, (that's diplomatic speak for, sharing the same values or party membership).

I didn't hear Mr. Harper complain when
Madame Jean was appointed. Now of course with his Government in peril, he is leaving no rock unturned in an effort to discredit the coalition.Being relegated to the opposition benches will be a huge insult to Harper's ego.

Most GG's grow in the job, they have served Liberal and Conservative Prime Ministers. It serves no one in this situation to be attacking the credibility of the GG whom must act according to precedent. She has some good guidelines to follow. Whatever her decision, it will be well 'canvassed' among constitutional experts prior to announcing it.

I would hope the GG asks Mr. Dion to attempt to govern. Most Canadians do not want an election so I believe the GG will not go that route. She is left with two options, asking Mr. Dion to form the Government or two, allowing Mr. Harper, should he request it, to close the house down until the new year. This may be the least controversial decision. The Coalition can still defeat the Government budget or use a non confidence motion and the GG is back where she is today. Either allow an election or ask Mr. Dion to form a Government.

The best decision would be to give the coalition the next few weeks to get to work. The time would be very valuable and vital to the success of the coalition.

Neo cons will soon be singing the tune written by the Decider of all Evil.

Gov. Gen. rushes home to deal with political turmoil


ADHR said...

You know that article's from 2005, right?

Rick Barnes said...


David Frum pointed to this December 1, 2008 at the National Review

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Stakes for Canada's Governor General

The person who will decide whether the Liberal Party of Canada gets to resume power, without an intervening election, in the aftermath of its worst electoral defeat in a generation is ... a Governor General utterly beholden to the Liberal Party for her elevation. Cozy!

Chimera said...

The Governor-General, like the Speaker of the House, must set aside all political associations upon being appointed. The office itself is completely apolitical. She represents the Queen in Canada, and the Queen is not allowed to be political.

I just plain refuse to listen to anyone who tries to suggest that Jean will side with the Liberals because she was appointed by a Liberal PM. She is no more a Liberal than I am.

The best thing she could do right now would be to allow the coalition. Two elections in a row without a majority, and the last one less than two months ago. What makes anyone think another election would yield different results? Why not see what else we can make work before we elect ourselves into poverty?