Prorogation is only the first step

Prorogation is only the first step

Murray Dobbin's column at Rabble.ca points out that prorogation is only the first step in the Conservative Action plan to reshape Canada. The Conservatives if given a majority will gut the CBC, open medicare to further privatization, devolve more power to the provinces and further cut federal taxes to the wealthy and large companies.

In a nut shell, this plan will make it impossible for the federal government to increase spending on anything other than Defense. The reduced tax base will mean fewer dollars available for medicare, child care, education and the environment. The federal government will have lost its ability to influence provinces, to demand national standards, to maintain equalization payments, the list goes on and on.

read Murray's column here

Word Warrior for Canada

Its time for Canadians to step up to the plate. I found this great idea at The Cylinder blog on how we all can become Word Warriors.

Gene has several tips for us,

Some pointers on sharing with friends & neighbours
  • Drop photocopies of the column in your neighbours’ mailboxes (nearby or around the block);
  • Add an eye catching button or banner to your blog that links to Murray’s column;
  • Cut what you think may help from this post & paste into your own Word Warrior for Canada blogpost;
  • Use all the technological bells & whistles that you know of to spread the word;
  • Be creative & build your own personal Word Warrior for Canada campaign & share your ideas and insights with us either by leaving a comment below on this blogpost or through some other means that you think would be more efficient.

    Anonymous said...

    But wasn't part of the Coalition deal to allow the corporate tax cuts to continue as planned?

    Ricky Barmes said...

    Yes the Coalition deal did indicate that they would be going ahead with the current set of tax cuts for business.

    That's bad enough, what will happen if Harper gets a majority will be deeper corporate tax cuts. That's what we really have to be aware of.