Before Harper appoints more Senators...

Stephen Harper says...

Here is Stephen Harper's view of the Senate from one of his legendary speeches. This speech was delivered in 1997 in Canada. The speech was to the June 1997 Montreal meeting of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing U.S. think tank. Harper at the time was Vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition.

"Of our two legislative houses, the Senate, our upper house, is appointed, also by the Prime Minister, where he puts buddies, fundraisers and the like. So the Senate also is not very important in our political system."

a link to the whole speech here. Now Harper will be appointing at least five Senators to top up the eighteen or so he has appointed already and perhaps another eight Senators available in the event a Prime Minister feels he needs to appoint some more.

The Council for National Policy is a secretive organization with the support of some of the most conservative people in the USA. Read more here.

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Darlene McGinnis said...

the old Reform party wanted and promised to reduce the size of the senate and elect senators-------selected memory's for sure