Never again, without a Vote

Finally, someone has a plan to end the long abused practice of prorogation. Prorogation of Parliament has become much more of a problem over the last 13 months. Prime Minister Harper has avoided serious votes in Parliament by prorouging Parliament.

Today, the NDP have proposed legislation be enacted requiring a Prime Minister seeking prorougation, to have the consent off the house of commons.

There may well be some legal hurdles to climb over to bring this law into place, lets find them and go.

see the Globe and Mail also: Jack Layton drafts anti-prorogation bill


Anonymous said...

I hope everybody has fun..there is a matter of the Constitution that would have to be changed..good luck!

Rick Barnes said...

we may need that and we may not.

kirbycairo said...

You wouldn't have to change the Constitution - It says nothing about prorogation and little about such technical matters in general.