Bush folksy - Obama Uppity?

The good folks over at Fox are trying hard to show concern about proper decorum in the Oval Office. To that end they posted a picture of President Obama with his feet up on the desk. Those Democrats just can't behave the way a President ought too it seems.

Here is the picture Fox posted...

That clearly is President Obama with his big feet on the Oval Office Desk. What kind of message is the president conveying to the American public?

I suppose one might say he is a little too comfortable behind that desk. Luckily Clinton didn't have a camera in the room when he got a little too comfortable.

So if Obama is taking the Oval Office a little too comfortably, his predecessor President Bush did as well.

Trust Media Matters to find this picture of then President Bush with you guessed it, his feet on the Oval Office desk.

Perhaps its the number of people in the room that makes the difference, or just who the people are? Maybe its where you put your feet? And then maybe when Bush did it he was being folksy and when Obama did it he was being uppity...

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