Liberal Glen Murray runs from the Camera

Sometimes you just have to watch to understand what is going on. TVO thought it would be good for people to have the candidates in the Toronto Centre provincial by-election debate the issues.

Unfortunately they had to pull the plug when Glen Murray, the Liberal candidate refused to participate. This was puzzling to TVO Journalist Steve Paikin who had this to say about the curiously now quiet Murray...
"We found this particularly ironic since Murray, in his previous life as head of the Canadian Urban Institute, loved appearing on our program, and frequently pitched our producers on coming on to the program to discuss his interests. And when he did come on, (let me say this diplomatically) he almost never stopped talking."

Murray was expected to win Toronto Centre in a cake walk over the NDP.

What was unexpected was the NDP nominating its own star candidate, Cathy Crowe. Crowe must have Murray on the run if he can't take a telvised debate.

The Liberal's biggest advantage at the moment is the lack of media coverage for the race. Too much light might lead to a closer race than they thought possible. Even at that. it may be too late for the Liberals in Toronto Centre.

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Anonymous said...

Look at the Canadian Urban Institute's website. It hasn't been updated since Glen was hired.
Has he actually done anything in this job?
He quit after less than 2 years like he did in his previous consulting job.
He gave up on his Mayor's campaign when he found out raising miney was too much work.
He remains the only Mayor in Winnipeg's history to have quit while in office, and he never accomplished anything there while in office.
I read somewhere that he admits to never finished his university degree. He did have a foster child, but no report on how that ended up - good or bad.
Has he ever actually done anything!!!
He seems to get his best ideas from magazines - Toronto Life did a story on bed bugs and then Glen is makign a public statement about bed bugs (though I bet he's never seen one).
He talks about diversity in politics - but he's a white man who has continually benefitted from his place in the white male system - and being a Gay politician in Toronto Centre hardly qualifies him as "diverse".
Toronto Centre deserves better than a gadfly who as recently as October called Winnipeg his home and said he would return there if he lost the election.