Phallus In Wonderland

CBC Ideas this evening, looks at the the male attachment to the Penis. Beginning tonight is the first part of Phallus In Wonderland. Part two tomorrow.

"For thousands of years, “phallocentric” myths have celebrated the omnipotence of the penis. The Egyptian god Min was so powerful, he fathered himself. In ancient Rome a boy’s first ejaculation was part of a state holiday. Throughout history, the pursuit of the perfect penis has fuelled the search for cures for impotence. In the eleventh century a recipe involved sparrows and Billy-goats. Today men pop Viagra. IDEAS producer Mary O’Connell takes us inside this male wonderland."
I am sure it will be interesting... Perhaps hard to miss

Its on CBC Radio One, 9pm. If you are outside Canada try Satellite radio or CBC.ca on the web.

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Marire said...

omg, it`s so... yack... dissgusting... freaks me out