Majority may have been prorogued

It looks like we will have the full Prorogue as requested by Harper. Prime Minister Harper cannot end it without having a Speech from the Throne ready to open a new session of parliament.

He has dug a hole and now must try to weather the storm. Its building into quite a storm with mainstream media covering it extensively and Bloggers talking about little else these days.

The next steps in going after Harper must be taken. Rallies and keeping those that have joined facebook groups active and engaged in the fight for what is essentially a fight for an effective and working House of Commons.

Even with a minority government, Harper is operating like he had a majority, refusing the opposition (the majority of MP's) any significant participation. There have been a few victories for the opposition, such as a stimulus bill and the Employment Insurance benefits extension. The majority of MP's have fought against government actions, passed motion that just seem to be ignored by Harper. Parliament it seems has little clout if the Prime Minister need not listen to MP's.

Harper's undoing in this whole affair may well be his unwillingness to co-operate and or bow to the majority of MP's on some motions such as the one calling on Canada to seek the return of Omar Kdahr from American custody. That was a simple matter to resolve. Swallow some neo-con position and show that the will of Parliament can carry the day.

Harper does not allow for easy passes for the opposition. Its a war too him. To that end, he has created a bigger war after this prorogation, one that will bring to the end his dream of a majority government.

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