Go screw yourself

The media and others have been  ticking me off for years.  Now Hilary seems to have stirred the pot recently with her comments that US media seem to be providing wall to wall coverage of Charlie Sheen and his temper tantrum while Al Jazeera is covering real news.

Clinton is right and no one has said it better lately than this excerpt from a post at Daily Kos...

'CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, the Washington Post, The New York Times, Sunday morning talk shows and everyone else in the media? Go screw yourselves. You spend so much time either parroting idiotic quotes from politicans (mainly "serious" Republicans) and trying to show "both sides of an issue" that you don't bother with facts. Global warming? Let's balance one of the 999 scientists who understand global warming with one of the three Republican-funded hacks who deny it as though there really some question about it all. Evolution? Do the same. Hey media, go screw yourself.'

You can find the whole post here If you are republican "Go Screw Yourself!"

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