We Don't Deserve a Contempt Ruling Against Harper

My friend CK over at Sister Sage is speculating that Stephen Harper will drop the writ tomorrow before his budget is tabled in the House of Commons.  I don't disagree CK's premise that Harper will do anything he can to prevent Parliament finding him and his Government in contempt.

I do think that we will see Prime Minister Harper's government introduce a budget prior to pulling the plug, either by doing it himself or waiting for a confidence vote to defeat him.   Harper is one of the most secretive and controlling Prime Ministers in Canada's history.  He has governed by simply ignoring the opposition and the majority of MP's. 

What is astounding, is how he has managed to hold onto power so long.  The opposition have had plenty of chances to defeat the government and one way or another either with Harper proroguing Parliament or the opposition, primarily the Liberals, voting or not voting, to prevent an election.  

The opposition parties have to do a better job of telling s what they will do if elected.  Who knows what the Liberals stand for.  If you listen to the media you likely know that they will give federal money for and arena in Quebec.  You might know that they would also give federal money for arenas across the country.  What else do you know?

To some extent the main stream media are at fault.  The media can't seem to get by the talking points.  They don't discuss the differences between the parties other than the talking points. 

The NDP is also failing to get a message across.  Partly due to the failure to consistently add detail to their proposals.  They still sound like tax and spend.  That's not what they are about but they have not managed to show Canadians there is a better way.

My guess, we are going to the polls very soon, with Mr. Harper visiting the GG before the Liberal contempt motion has a chance at a vote.  In some ways the opposition deserve to be outwitted by Harper.

Remember the days of the coalition.  Do you recall the tour?  The Harper Conservatives outwitted opposition parties.  He turned the discussion.  The Liberals, especially Ignatieff and those in the backrooms did not like the idea from the start.  Oddly enough, lots of the progressive wing in the Liberal caucus did like it.  They saw a way to get rid of Harper.  They could have made a difference.  The Liberals played their hand with the ousting of Dion and Ignatieff's demand for economic updates.  Harper turned that around as well.

The Opposition does not deserve to defeat Harper on the contempt motion.  As much as Harper deserves it, had the opposition done their job, Harper would not have the opportunity to find himself in contempt of the house he lords over today.

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