Recall The 8 Wisconsin Republican Senators

This is the time my fellow Americans.  You need to take this last best chance to take your country back from the Republicans and their very wealthy friends.  Right now workers in Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa are being made to pay the price for ever growing tax cuts for the most wealthy people in your country.

In Wisconsin, Gov Walker said he had save money.  He told the unions to pay more for pensions and health care.  The workers agreed to do this.  They gave the Governor all money he asked for.  The governor then said that wasn't all he wanted.  He wants the union to be limited to bargaining for wage increases as long as those wage increases are below the cost of living, he wants the union members to vote once a year on whether to keep the union and he wants to disallow unions in spending money on political campaigns.

If this was simply about the budget, the governor got what he wanted right off the bat.  But this is not about the budget.  Its about giving more power to people with money.  You notice the governor didn't say corporations should not be able to spend money on political campaigns, just workers.

The same thing is happening in Iowa, Ohio and Indiana.  For some reason, the current budget problems are because of workers pay and benefits.  The government gets its revenue from taxes, from workers, sales taxes and other fees.  A disproportionate amount of those taxes are now coming from workers. The corporations continue to get big tax breaks and the wealthiest individuals continue to see their taxes go down.  

There is no need for this.

Right now 14 Wisconsin Senators are fighting back.  They have been joined by 100's of thousands of people in Madison and across the State.  The 14 Senators have left the State.  By doing so the have deprived the State Senate from having a quorum.  No quorum, no Walker legislation.  Obviously this can not go on forever.  So an action plan has been put in place.

The action plan includes recalling 8 State Republican Senators.  The clock is ticking.  They have 60 days to do it.  Only three senators need be recalled.  Recalling 8 makes those defending against the recall spread resources wider.  If at least three senators are recalled and replaced by Democrats, Governor Walker will have to deal with Democrats and not his Koch bought team of Republicans. 

I wish I was permitted to donate to the recall effort. Being "not" American, I can't.  But you can donate to the effort.  If you are an American living in Wisconsin, the United States, Canada or anywhere else in the world, you can make a difference right now. 

The Koch brothers and their friends will be pouring money into Wisconsin and republican campaigns.  They can't however beat out the people if the people keep going forward.  ACT Blue is a political group working on the recall in Wisconsin.  They are asking for donations.  Here is your easy step forward.


Atlanta Roofing said...

Walker is practicing corporate sponsored blackmail, as well as not honoring his own state Constitution and conspiring to extort money from the residents of Wisconsin. The “Rule of Law” applies to him too. And hope he and his corporate co-conspirators are incarcerated soon

dennis said...

First they outsourced all the good paying jobs now they want to dismantle what's left of the middle class employee's right to earn a living