Lawrence O'Donnell on Catholics pro-gay views

Lawrence O'Donnell of msnbc rails against political pundits who hold up the so-called "Catholic vote" to make points about gay rights, using a new study which shows that American Catholics are at least five points more supportive than the general public across a range of gay and lesbian issues..

I knew many Catholics growing up and worked with a few Knights of Columbus.  They were great people, supportive of my rights as a gay man.  We fund raised for each other. They had a booth at the Williams Lake Stampede.  The money we made from working their booth went to a political group that supported gay rights.  They knew this.  These people will forever be in my thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

mmm...interesting. I would like to know - where did he get statistics and how many people participated in this research?

On a different note, I have always believed that faith has nothing to do with organized religion (aka churches).