Power firms were paid millions not to generate power - Moneyville.ca

Want another good reason McGuinty and company are likely to be sent packing in this Fall's election? Look at your hydro bill then read this article below. It seems we in Ontario are paying private generators of electricity not to provide power. It gets worse. We also pay them not to import power.

In one case a power plant shut down operations for less than two hours. If they had continued to produce electricity they would have made $10,000. That's a healthy amount of money, yet by shutting down for less than two hours the company was paid $50,000. I'm not joking. Ontario paid this same operator 500% more to produce nothing.

That's not all. The same company did this a staggering 336 times. My math suggests they made $13.5 million (50,000 - 10,000 x 336) in excess of what they would have been paid had they actually produced power we used.

Power firms were paid millions not to generate power - Moneyville.ca

I know Mike Harris and his pirate crew of privatization zealots created the mess, it has however only got worse under the Liberals.


Howiesue said...

All to true Mr. Barnes

kirbycairo said...

And to compound the tragedy, the Conservatives will probably win the next election and make it even worse. Nowadays it seems that politics has become little more than a Hobson's choice.

Rick Barnes said...

@kirbycairo so true. It seems these people know they can be a little less bad than the other and they count on us to vote for them.