NDP Support of Harper Budget - Not Likely

The NDP provided a list to Prime Minister Harper for tomorrows budget.  The meeting was short and quite some time ago.  Since that date the Harper Government has not discussed budget options with the NDP.  Today we have been hearing from the Media that the Harper Government has caved into NDP demands.

That's not the case so far as I see it.  Though the Conservatives could change or tweak a couple things before morning, they don't seem inclined to.  If they were serious about implementing enough NDP ideas, they would have taken time to meet with the NDP. 

Unless there is a big and I mean a big surprise in the budget tomorrow, like major reform to CPP, you can count the days to the start of the next election campaign.   

Don't count on the Quebec HST funding to happen tomorrow.  That's too big a thing to throw out in Parliament, no that one has to be the carrot held out in front of people while they decide who to vote for. 

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