Toews throws Kitchen Sink into debate

Tax Status lost soon, newest biblical prophecy from Harper delegate

Conservative MP Vic Toews warns that his concerns about the Civil Marriage Bill are very real. He told the National Post, it's about churches losing their tax status. "They'll say, 'Well, you've got the right to refuse (to marry same-sex couples), but since you're discriminating in a manner that's similar to racism, that is the equation that is being made here and the arguments, you're not entitled to these kind of income-tax benefits, I know that's coming."

The Christians against equal-marriage pursued arguments beginning with, it would ruin the family, then it would cost too much, next it was church's would be forced to marry gays, now with these arguments having been refuted they toss the kitchen sink in, church's will lose their tax status.

Personally I believe they should anyway, that of course has nothing to do with same-sex weddings!

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