Christian "Activists"

Lifesite takes exception to the Globe and Mail calling people with "pro family" agenda as Christian Activists. I think the globe got it right. If I want my family included in Canada, my gay family, I am branded as a gay activist by media and evangelical christians. In fact they assert that the gay community has something called "the Gay Agenda". If they ever get copy of the gay agenda, I would be happy if they would share it with me.

It now appears we can officially point to the "Christian Agenda". The Christian "activists" agenda brand me "anti-family". I guess I would have to argue that.

See this story at Lifesite ...
Globe Brands New Pro-Family Conservative Nominees as “Christian Activists”
OTTAWA, May 27, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Globe and Mail columnist Gloria Galloway, in a column today, described new pro-family candidates running in ridings for the federal Conservative Party as “Christian activists,” because of their positions on same-sex marriage.

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