Marriage Bill still alive!

No Election!

There will be no election! At least for now!The good work of Jack Layton to get the additions to the budget means Canadians got something in return from this Parliament.

The passage of the budget and NDP ammendment means that Parliament will contiune to sit and the Civil Marriage bill (Gay or same-sex marriage) will likely get to a vote. If the budget bill had failed today there would have been an election and the marriage bill would have died on the order papers.


Canadians have said several times now, we don't want an election. Lets have it after the Gomery report is issued. Chuck Cadman voted with the government given his constituents wishes despite a rogue Alberta group calling every phone number in his riding asking them to email or phone Cadman and tell him to vote against the budget. A little over the top even for Alberta right wing conservatives.


Anonymous said...

Interesed American here... have you seen/heard when the bill would come back for third reading? I've been following this since it was introduced! I greatly admire the Liberal government for stepping up and doing this... it will be a while for us I'm afraid...

Rick Barnes said...

Yes it is likely still a long way off for many Americans. It has looked like it would be a casualty of a vote in Parliament today.

Third reading will be soon, they are holding public meetings on the issue now. After that they can bring it back to the House of Commons and pass it. It will pass,if they ever get it to a vote.

All things going well, we can expect the Civil Marriage Bill to pass by mid June.