Queer Canadians lucky. We know!

With the BC election just about over, recounts still to be done, I am back here where I want to be, at Queer Thoughts.

I am reminded often by American readers just how lucky we are in Canada. We know that up here, yet too many of us here are taking things for granted. Harper and many of his Conservative buddies do wish to take away our rights to marry and many of his buddies would go further if they could.

One individual with a great website, Patrick from Kentucky posted here,
"Be thankful the right-wing extremist evangelicals haven't yet taken over your country. I'm from Kentucky and must say that it is as bad as you might think." - Patrick Yaeger, Queer Visions

Those same right-wing extremist evangelicals Patrick mentions are funding Canadian evangelicals in the fight against gay rights in Canada. Stephen Harper's Conservatives and two dozen Liberal MP's are with them. We have to be careful here, many of these people get elected in the next election along with a few more taht will attempt to hide their views. Time to begin exposing the views of those who wish us to be less than full Canadian citizens.

Patrick says on his website ...

"With so many cowards, especially in this country, refusing to stand up for their own gay friends, relatives and colleagues against the anti-gay supremacist onslaught of the religious right, it's heartening to be reminded that courage and hope still exist out there."

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