Same-Sex Marriage Vote

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The Defend Marriage Coalition is pulling out all the stops in their attempt to kill the Civil Marriage Bill (Bill C38) which provides for same-sex or gay marriage across Canada. They have been emboldened by the recent non confidence vote in which the Government won after the speaker who votes only when there is a tie cast the deciding vote.

In an email to supporters, Terrance Rolston, President of Focus on the Family Canada says every vote counts and encourages people to write their MLA or to use the automated fax and email system they have set up to express their views to MP's.

Now is not the time for supporters of Equal Marriage (Same-sex or Gay) to be over confident. The Civil marriage Bill will come to the House of Commons for a vote soon. This act must pass this time and we will be one step closer to full marriage rights. We have never been closer to achieving equality as we are now. The last step will be for the Senate to pass the bill, which it is expected to do, if the House of Commons passes it.

Take time today or tomorrow, send another message of support for the Civil Marriage Bill. Check out the website at
Equal Marriage

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