Who will lead BC

America coming to a Province near you.

It is clearly a case of needing to remain aware of those things going on around us.

Though Canadians tend to be more tolerant with respect to application of law, this was not always the case.

It was not until Trudeau came onto the scene that Government's and political parties have we really accepted or tolerated minorities.

Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal MLAs are bent on changing some of this. There is a power struggle going on in thier party between those in the middle and those to the far right.

Look to who is seeking power in the party. People like Rich Coleman who is anti choice, anti union, and a purveyor of the Stockwell Day vision of Canada, leading us to "one country united under god". Gordon Campbell will not be leader for the full term. Another blogger, The Gazetteer, has a good piece on this here.

So while I remain happy to be in Canada and know the struggles Americans have today, I know it could come here if progressive parties are not elected.

Tomorrow, May 17, I will go cast my ballot for the NDP candidate in Kelowna Mission.

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HDcanuck said...

Here it is the day before the election and I still don't know who i'm going to vote for in my riding, except that it won't be for the Liberal. The ND candidate looks ok, seems to be good on the gay issues at least, but has nothing to say on the economy as far as I can tell. Green? Not sure, maybe that's just a vote handed to the Liberals. Perhaps it's time for the Sex Party ... if the economy does take care of itself, like the NDP suggests (commodity prices responsible for the economic growth, not the Liberal's policies), then maybe we should all just have sex and nudity in public places, have a good time and worry a little less about politics? In the end, I will hold my nose and ... vote.