Defend Marriage coalition

Defend Marriage folks are getting desperate. They have and will continue to use what ever means they have at the disposal to defeat the government in order to kill the marriage bill.

"We are witnessing the actions of a desperate and corrupt government. As Senator Anne Cools said, we are up against a Prime Minister who will use the public treasury against the very people to whom it belongs." - Roy Beyer, Defend Marriage Trust in email to supporters

The email goes onto say ...
"The best defense of marriage is a good offence. Other non-confidence votes are on the horizon and there is every indication, the specifics of which I am not free to share, that there will be enough votes to bring down the government in the future."

If you need a reason to call your own MP this should be it. The Evangelical and Conservative fundamentalist MP's are doing everything they can to stop equal marriage rights in Canada.

If they stop us, who else will they go after, will they stop at marriage, what about adoption, custody of children, careers in teaching or counseling. These people were ticked off when Harper proposed the "every thing in marriage except the name marriage" amendment.

Equal Marriage

Check out Equal Marriage today and do as they request. We are so close.


HDcanuck said...

With the Liberal by-election win in Labrador, it looks increasingly unlikely that the Christian-Conservatives will be able to topple the government. I expect the marriage bill will pass on schedule.

Rick Barnes said...

The byelection win in Labrador will help the Liberals stay in power.

It will also allow for the passing of the Budget and its amendments! That will be a first for Canada. The Government's budget was changed by an opposition party!

YAHOOOO and kudo's to Jack Layton.

HDcanuck said...

Yes, the NDP moved well on that score. Hopefully that's all the arm-twisting Layton will do however, or we'll be into deficit-financing (again)!