Canadians want Fred Phelps extradited

With the Americans managing to have Canada arrest pot activist Marc Emery and others, some in the blogging world have decided Canada should attempt to extradite the Reverand Fred Phelps.

Rev. Phelps produces a great deal of hate literature which he makes available to canadians to download from his website. The material includes demands that "all nations outlaw sodomy (homosexuality) and impose the death penalty. "

That constitutes a hate crime in Canada and he freely makes this information available for downloading and distribution in Canada. Your thoughts can be left here or at Extradite the Reverand Fred Phelps.

For more on the US Government's attempt to extradite Marc Emery and his colleagues...

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HDcanuck said...

Or will that just give him more of a platform? Hmmm... anyone who has this much hate and venom for "fags" has to have some serious skeletons in his closet. I wonder if any group has done a rock-turning investigation of this guy's past and associations...?

outwest said...

Oh, yeah... Check this Wiki link for starters:

Looks like ol' Fred couldn't handle being in the military (West Point, yet!), and now he's picketing military funerals...