Gay and Bi Men's Coffee night "Kelowna"

Gay and Bi Men's Coffee night starting August 17, 2005

A couple of us gay men have been looking for a place to hold a gay men's coffee night in Kelowna since the regular drop in at the Bean Scene was closed down. We now have a place to start this. We are not associated with any group or organization, just some guys that wanted to bring gay men together over coffee.

You can join us beginning Wednesday, August 17 from 7 to 9pm. The location is the Kelowna Drop In, 467 Lawrence Avenue, Kelowna. We will do this every Wednesday for six weeks to determine if there is enough interest!

Our coffee night in not affiliated in any way with the Kelowna Drop In other than our thanks to them for making the space available to us. For more information you can email me here.

caribookidca (at) yahoo (dot) ca

Watch Gay Okanagan for regular information on this event and others in the Okanagan!


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