Not Gay - But sex with guys is cool

An Exploration of the Down-Low Identity:

Nongay-Identified Young African-American Men Who Have Sex with Men

There are not many studies on this issue. It is an interesting area to explore further. Currently I am involved in a survey of Nongay-Identified Men Who Have Sex with Men in BC.

The survey will hopefully add to the degree of knowledge we have on people and their sexual behaviour with respect to prevention of STD's (STI's) and HIV. The survey is being conducted for the BC Centre for Diesease Control by Interior BC agencies. The lead agency is Living Positive Okanagan.

Check out Man 2 Man.

We expect to have our initial results out later this year and I will post that information on Queer Thoughts.

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HDcanuck said...

It's a bit like being a strict vegetarian who indulges in the occasional steak.

Rick Barnes said...

Now that is an interesting description HD.

I suspect they are nibbling on tube steak. It could always be a veggie tube though, right?

HDcanuck said...

Jeez, maybe I'm not gay afterall! What if I'm straight but I just like sex with men? Back to the shrink...

DazzlinDino said...

Personaly, I have no interest in having sex with men, does this then, ipso facto, make me gay?? Rich, your site is starting to give me weird ideas....lol

Rick Barnes said...


Don't think you have to worry dude! You are a straight arrow.

On a serious side here...

It is something we don't have a lot of information on. Many men who say they are straight have sex with men often and do so in secret. Does it make them gay? I don't think so. Perhaps its the labels we have.

We do know men like to get their rocks off. We do know from Kinsey that most of us are between being straight and gay.

No easy answers here. The project I am working on is trying to obtain some of the answers and we seem to be off to a good start.

Our primary goal is to look at prevention of STD's and HIV. How do you reach people to convey this information. How much do they know? We do know many people are still unaware as to what the risks are for contracting an STD or HIV.

The work has only just begun.