The end justifies the means

A lawyer in the United States is attempting to have the his country de-recognize the Holy See (Catholic Church) over sex-abuse within the church. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who was the head of the doctrinal office as well as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith stand accuesed of involvement in the conspiracy to cover up sexual assaults against three boys by a seminarian in Texas in the mid-1990's.

Read what the Christian right activists have to say ...

"This is not the first time radically dissident "Catholics" have attempted to undermine the international legal status of the Holy See. The last attempt was made by the bogus group, "Catholics" for a Free Choice, when in 1999, they launched a postcard campaign to have the Holy See delegation ousted from the UN. The presence and prestige of the Vatican diplomatic corps at international conferences such as those on population at Cairo and Beijing have long been a thorn in the side of groups working to promote abortion and sterilization." - Lifesite News

The end justifies the means... These people will even defend the Catholic Church's concerted attempts to cover-up sex abuse cases and to find "good" jobs for the abusers. A few years ago this defence of the Catholic Church by the Evangelical set would not have occured. It is another clear example of the unification of social conservative christians and the ever more "evangelical" bent of the catholic leadership.

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