Salt Spring Island Pride

Salt Spring Island Pride! Sept 10th - 11th Meet the stars!

Salt Spring Island is exploring a new paradigm at its first-ever gay pride festival September 10-11. The adult group Gays and Lesbians of Salt Spring Island (GLOSSI) is cooperating with youth from the local high school's Gay-Straight Alliance to present a unifying community celebration. We hope that GLBT folks and their straight allies from around the area will join them at Artspring Theatre in Ganges on Saturday evening, September 10th for Visions and Voices, a panel discussion on the future of gays and lesbians in our community and the world.

Panel members include well-known figures Mary-Woo Sims, Svend Robinson, Charley Beresford, and Salt Spring Island based author, Evelyn White, along with two articulate young members of the Gay-Straight Alliance and their sponsor, GISS teacher Bill Turner. The panellists will share personal stories and discuss future goals and challenges.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for youth and are available from the Artspring Box Office: Phone: 537-2102; Toll-free: 866-537-2102. There will be a cocktail reception before and after the event, and a dance party following at the Glass Onion in Ganges. There will also be a Gay & Lesbian Film festival shown at ArtSpring on Saturday from 2-5 pm in Ganges.

The annual Salt Spring Island Potluck will be held on Sunday Sept 11 from 12-5 pm at Ruckle Park on beautiful Salt Spring Island. Bring a friend and a dish make a day of it!

If you want more information about the event, you can check out the GLOSSI website at www.saltspring.com/glossi or contact glossi@saltspring.com

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HDcanuck said...

Sounds like fun! The last Saltspring pride festivities I was at showed lots of spirit. Now if I can just figure out where I put those Birkenstocks...

Rick Barnes said...

I have an extra pair, though not sure my size 5 will be big enough. It looks to be a great event. Too bad, I will be in Kamloops!

Martin B. said...

I've finally made it here. I was reluctant to visit your other blog because I don't subscribe to homosexual pack mentality (and having lived in Montreal and Toronto, I can tell you there is a horrible hivemind of queer conformists out there) but your site seems quite intelligent and well opinionated. Good work.

Rick Barnes said...

Thank you Martin, glad you like it. Feel free to comment to your hearts content, especially should you like something or think I have gone way off the deep end!

I deleted a comment above from me, I left a word out and that of course changed the whole meaning! Yikes.

SoN oF DaD said...

Excellent comments.

I agree 110%

HDcanuck said...

hey martin... i'd like to see one of these queer conformist sites to see what u mean ... got a site address for me?

Rick Barnes said...


I would like some of the sites you have found. I agree that stuff is not needed. If you can recall some of them let us know! Thanks Dude!

Martin B. said...

They weren't sites. They were individuals and communities that I had the displeasure of interacting with face to face.

What I meant by your blog being refreshing was that it seems through the internet, at least one homosexual has some measure of civility and intelectual opinion.

Rick Barnes said...


Why thank you guy!

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