MP's to address anti-choice Conference

Concerned about a Woman's right to choose? Two Ontario MP's are attending the International Pro-Life Conference in Toronto October 2-4.

Liberal MP, Tom Wappel long time attacker of gay rights and a Woman's right to choose will be a key speaker along with fellow anti-choice MP, Jeff Watson. Watson represents Essex riding for the Conservatives and Wappel holds Scarbourgh Southwest for the Liberals.

I don't know much about Mr. Watson, I do however recall the
extreme efforts made by Mr. Wappel to prevent me from having the equality enjoyed by other Canadians. Not just me, anyone who is gay, lesbian, trans or bisexual were public enemy number one for this bible thumping MP.

The anti-abortion folks have not given up the fight. If Harper were to receive a majority government would they make changes to restrict access to abortion in Canada? Chances are opposition MP's like Mr. Wappel would vote with the Conservatives to do so.

How many other MP's will be attending this conference in Toronto? I would love to know. Maybe its a job for the secret camera!

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