Obama vs McCain

Its the American Presidential Debates. McCain has relented and decided he will lose more by staying away than being there. Obama has to pretend he is using Twitter and keep his responses short and under 140 words!

McCain will have to keep his cool. He doesn't like to lose and he has a real smart ass attitude sometimes. I expect he will flip out as soon as Palin comes up in the conversation. There is a new nickname for Palin, Caribou Barbie... Mr. Obama shouldn't use that or use the words lipstick or pig in the same paragraph.

If you want to play a game, see how many times McCain's poor flying, whoops i mean his prisoner of war saga comes up.

Another thing to watch for, who will say the most good things about Hillary Clinton. Barack better win that one just to keep the Dems happy!

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Queers United said...

as an ardent obama supporter im sad to say i dont think he did too well

Ricky Barnes said...

I agree, he wasn't that good. he wasn't bad but not inspiring, thats for sure. Read my post above this.