Yesterday's man McCain

I watched the American debate last night and almost fell asleep. I will be upfront here and say that I would support Obama for President if I had a vote. I was all geared up to hear Obama say something exciting. He didn't.

McCain was okay in the debate. Some thoughts. McCain has been everywhere. He starts almost every response to a question with, I have been there. I couldn't help wonder if he has been everywhere, why the heck is America in such trouble?

What really started to grind away at me was Obama's repeated response to McCain, "Senator McCain is absolutely right...". Obama would then go onto say why and then what else was needed. It was like McCain was making a motion in Senate and Obama was seconding the motion.

Usually experience is an asset in politics. Everyone is granting McCain, a Senator for 26 years, experiance. The question that isn't being asked is, what value is that experiace to America today? What has he done on the economy? What has he done on foreign affairs? What has he done to make Health Care available to all Americans? What has he done to prevent jobs from being exported abroad? What has he done for Veterans?

I think Obama could do more with that.

How about this, every time McCain goes on about his 'I've been everywhere man.' Obama should say, "Thank you Mr. McCain, you have been everywhere, you say you saw the economic crisis coming, you saw the war, you saw the torture, you saw disaster after disaster and still you walked lock, stock and barrel with Presdent Bush. Its like saying I have made a lot of mistakes, trust me. I have learned from them and won't make the same ones again.

Except McCain has not learned has he? He will stay on in Iraq. He will continue to flounder in Afghanistan. He will give people without work a tax cut for health insurance. He will cut taxes for everyone but especially for those people without work. He will freeze government spending so low-income Americans won't be burdened with costly government handouts.

Let's Hope, Americans buy Obama's Hope message.

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