Political Death for some embracing new web technologies

POSTERiosis - Political Death for some embracing new web technologies

The new age of the web has finally caught some Canadian wanna be politicians. At least four candidates have been dropped as a result of their life inside the world wide web. The NDP have lost three candidates and the Conservatives one.

In the case of the NDP, two were found to have indulged in using drugs while a camera was focused on them, a third went skinny dipping. All I can think of is, 'thanks be to the universe' Barack Obama did coke when digital cameras were still a thing of the future.

The Conservative candidate, Chris Reid was lost due to some of his posted views. Alas this gay man did not post any videos, just words which displayed 'too much enthusiasm' for the Harper agenda, by that I suggest his words were welcome but not on the web or in front of a recording device. In an interview with the Western Standard blog, Reid says, ""No one else--not the media, nor a political party--will stand up for principled conservatism. It is up to us as individuals to stand up and take liberal ideology head-on, with the facts, and optimism towards the future. "

Politics in 2008 means you better be careful if your running for office. Chances are someone has seen you in and or out of your undies or doing something most people would laugh about but never talk about, let alone post it too the Internet.

Perhaps this new found vulnerability will find fewer people willing to step forward. Ideally we would see these things in a new light and be less judgemental. Perhaps a Christian metaphor works here: “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” It almost works, you get the idea, still even that is judgemental. Perhaps this is what summarizes the issue and should guide us: "The attitude is we live and let live." - Thomas Wolfe, American writer.

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