Dion's scare machine can't afford the gas

Liberal Party of Canada, looks like they have become the Liberal Party of some parts of Toronto. I'm not kidding, look at the latest poll in today's Toronto Star. The Harper led Conservatives are in majority country at 40%. The NDP and Liberals have 21% each. In Ontario the Liberals have 27% to the NDP's 25. That's dang close to a statistical tie.

The Liberal vote is being sucked away by Conservatives and the NDP. Worse for the Liberals is Dion's ratings continue to fall while Layton is rising, being seen as exciting and interesting. 60% of Canadians are still opposed to Harper and his negatives are very high.

The anybody but Harper chant means vote NDP this time. The rules are going out the window. The usual wisdom has suggested you vote for the incumbent, usually a Liberal, to keep the Conservatives out. Not this time. Those incumbent Liberals are in shock, not knowing what to do. Their fall back scare machine can't afford the gas, Layton on the other hand is filling his tank up with an alternative energy, its called excitement.

Want to see a good example of the difference between the NDP campaign and the Liberals?

excitement vs blah

NDP surge in cities as Liberals languish: Poll


janfromthebruce said...

I wanted to tell you I love the design and layout of your blog.
Go, Jack, go.

Rick Barnes said...

Thank you, it can be fun. Maybe one day i will learn how to do a three column blog!

enjoyed your blog post this morning.


Chimera said...

I can't get warm about Canadian politics, what with that three-ring circus touring the continent just to the south of us. But I tend to think in terms of what I don't want when I look at political candidates.

I don't want the Reformatories telling people what they're "allowed" to do with their own bodies, whether it's a choice in reproductive rights or medical access.

But I also don't want the NDP to be spending money like it's going out of style (and it does appear to be heading in that direction) on things people really should be looking after for themselves, if that's what they want.

Most of all, I don't want the current system of government to survive. I don't like that my MP -- whoever it turns out to be -- is not representing me to the government, but represents the government to me. When a party comes along that will change our system so I get to keep my voice after my vote, I will engage. Not before.

Good to see you back blogging again!

macadavy said...

So good to see you back bloggin'!
And yes we're still kickin' ass @ PARC, and yes: Hedy's going down - the age of dinosaurs is over!