Desmond Tutu, Naomi Klein endorse ONDP Candidate

NDP candidate Anil Naidoo and family
The Ontario election is getting exciting, especially when you have candidates getting the kinds of endorsements that Anil Naidoo is getting.  Naidoo is the NDP candidate in the October 6th Ontario election for Ottawa Centre.

It seems fitting he is the candidate for this riding due to his extensive activism and the list of people endorsing his campaign.

“Anil Naidoo has been an advocate for the human right to water, the rights of nature and progressive environmental causes. I share these values and support Mr. Naidoo so that he can work as an elected representative.  - Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Anil Naidoo - Ottawa Centre
Now that is a pretty good endorsement. It speaks to the level of commitment Naidoo has and the respect he has earned in the broader and world community for his work.

Further endorsements include Naomi Klein  who says, “Anil has been on the front lines in the fights for water justice and climate justice. I have seen him as a strong advocate for social movements and community rights through his work and I believe he would be a strong political representative for the people of Ottawa Centre.”

Steven Staples, president of the Rideau Institute, and founder of  ceasefire.ca  adds, “I have worked with Anil for more than a decade during his time at the Council of Canadians. I have marveled at his ability to be equally comfortable leading the way or working behind the scenes. I know that Anil Naidoo has what it takes to reach out and win the support of voters in Ottawa Centre.

It's hard to imagine Naidoo would not be a cabinet Minister if the Ontario NDP were to win the election. In opposition, he will be a formidable and very credible critic.  The people of Ottawa Centre have what I think is an easy choice.

You can a lengthy list of endorsements here.  You can find Naidoo's website here.

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